A Better Engineered Bike Mirror

Specchio ("spek-yo" - Italian for mirror.)  This revolutionary, patented bicycle mirror is inconspicuous, detachable, and compatible with most cycling glasses.  

Works with most cycling glasses


Mirror mounts close to your eye

Offers a surprisingly large field of view, with almost no vibration

Loved by Amazon Shoppers

More Happy Customers:

Loved this mirror so much I bought one for my husband too. So much better than those big, clumsy mirrors!

Carol K.

I won’t get on a road bike without it! Even with my radar. The mirror is way more important.

Donnie B.

Can't even tell it's on; it works great!  Watch the video review.

Jerry's Cycling SoCal

Relax and Enjoy the Ride

A rearview mirror offers an extra level of confidence.