Assembling and Using the Specchio Cycling Mirror

Video Instructions:

Attaching the Specchio mirror to your glasses lens 

Using your Specchio bike mirror while cycling

Optional: Use the included magnet to store your Specchio in your glasses case


Affixing the Magnetic Attachment to your Glasses 

The Specchio bike mirror assembly consists of two pieces - the mirror and the magnetic attachment. Remove them both from the plastic case.


1)  Line the silver dot on the mirror base with the silver dot on the magnetic attachment so they point up (12 o’clock position).


Line up the dots on the bike mirror and magnetic attachment


2)  Without removing the red backing to the magnetic attachment, test fit the assembly to your left glasses lens.  Place it as far up and out on the lens as possible. Ensure the silver dot on the magnetic attachment faces up. If your glasses are the extreme wrap-around type (swept back lenses), position the magnetic attachment 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the left edge of the lens. 


Test fit the bike mirror to your glasses lens


3)  Clean your lens using the provided alcohol wipe.  Allow to dry completely.


Clean lens with alcohol wipe


4)  Remove the red backing to expose the adhesive on the magnetic attachment.  Apply the assembly to your glasses lens as before, sticking the attachment to your lens.  


Remove the red backing from the magnetic attachment.



Attach the magnetic attachment to your lens.


5)  Remove the mirror from the attachment by tilting and pulling it.  Apply pressure to the magnet assembly for 30 seconds to secure the adhesive to the lens.  The attachment is now set.


 Remove the bike mirror from the attachment by tilting and pulling it.



Apply pressure to the magnetic attachment for 30 seconds.


(See final alignment instructions below.)                                            


If you ever wish to remove the magnetic attachment, use a credit card or other non-scratching device to pry the assembly from the lens.  

A more permanent attachment can be achieved using superglue.  Use extreme care when using glue around your lens. 

When storing your glasses, keep the mirror separately in the plastic case.  This will prevent the attachment from being slowly pried from your lens.  

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Using your Specchio Bike Mirror while Cycling

Caution: Practice in a safe area such as a parking lot or deserted road while gaining confidence in your ability to see traffic behind you.

1.  Mount the mirror onto the glasses by joining the magnets on the glasses and mirror.  It will snap in place. As a starting point, align the silver dots. 

2.  With helmet and glasses on and situated, rotate the mirror until you just see the edge of your ear or helmet strap. No further adjustments to the mirror are required.  

Adjusting the Specchio cycling mirror

3.  While riding, turn your head left to the 11 o'clock position and slightly up in order to see the road behind you. You will learn how to repeat this move reliably.  Your success depends largely on learning this head turn.  It usually takes 3 or 4 rides to get the hang of it.    4. Once you have mastered step 3, you can rotate your head left and right to scan the road behind you.  With practice, you will learn to look in the mirror while remaining aware of what is going on in front of you using your peripheral vision.  It may take several rides to become proficient. 

(Remember that in the mirror you are looking in the distance, so don't attempt to focus closely on the mirror itself.) 

Vertical Alignment - Some users may need to make a small one-time adjustment to the mirror’s vertical angle.  If after following steps 1-4 above the wearer sees too much of their shoulder, or too much sky and not enough road, then bending of the mirror arm, may be necessary.  This adjustment should be done carefully with tiny changes on the order of 1 to 5 degrees until the desired rear view is achieved. 

To make this adjustment, dismount the mirror from the glasses.  If seeing too much shoulder, bend the mirror toward the magnet as shown by arrow “1”.  If seeing too much sky, bend the mirror away from the magnet as shown by arrow “2”.  After each adjustment, remount the mirror to the glasses and test.

Optional adjustment for Specchio cycling mirror

Left-Right alignment.  A similar adjustment can be made for Left-Right alignment if rotating the mirror does not result in the desired field of view.  Again, it is best to make tiny, incremental adjustments and re-check between each one.

Optional left-right alignment adjustment to Specchio bike mirror 

Other considerations - Here are some things that can cause difficulty in using the Specchio cycling mirror:


  • Poor distance vision in left eye
  • Inability to look up and left with left eye
  • Lasik surgery that corrected the left eye for near vision
  • Blind spot in upper left field of vision

Obstructions to rear view

  • Loose and flappy jackets or vests that bunch up in the shoulder area.
  • Long hair that isn’t tied back
  • Helmet straps - put glasses arms over straps
  • Hunched Shoulders - bring shoulder down by bringing in left elbow toward stomach.

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