Bike Peddler Take a Look Bike Mirror vs. the Specchio Bike Mirror

Bike Peddler's Take a Look would probably be our choice of mirror if we had not created the Specchio.  But we think you'll agree the Specchio design is superior. 

Same Basic Approach to Rear View Cycling Mirrors

Take a Look and Specchio mirrors take the same general approach to giving cyclists a way to see behind them without the need to look over their shoulder:  attach a mirror to their cycling glasses.  (We have also heard of some cyclists attaching the Take a Look to their helmet.)  Anyone who drives a car is familiar with using mirrors this way.  When comparing these bike mirrors with car mirrors, think of them as a sort of hybrid.  Like a car's driver side mirror, these bike mirrors are positioned to the left of the rider's head.  Like a car's rear view mirror, they are positioned slightly up from the rider's line of sight.

Both the Take a Look and the Specchio mirrors have a bit of a learning curve for cyclists using them for the first time.  We offer written and video instructions for the Specchio to make this process as simple as possible.

Quickest Adjustment?  The Specchio Mirror

One of the Specchio's design innovations is the use of magnets.  Remember as a child when you first discovered the joy of snapping two pieces together using magnets?  Imagine experiencing that satisfying snap each time you prepare for a ride.  The Specchio imbeds a rare earth magnet into the mounting apparatus that attaches to your cycling glasses.  The mirror is mounted on a stem with a magnetic base that snaps effortlessly into place, and requires only a slight adjustment before heading out on the bike.  Returning to the car analogy, the Specchio is basically like getting in your own car, with the mirrors set the way you like them.  The Take a Look is more like getting in your car after your spouse has driven it and changed all the mirror positions.

Less Conspicuous?  The Specchio Mirror

    This is the most obvious advantage of the Specchio.  As the photos below illustrate, the Specchio is smaller than the Take a Look, and is mounted closer to the eye.  The combined effect is that the Specchio mirror virtually disappears when combined with glasses and a helmet.  So, if you would rather not look like a "geek", "nerd" or "borg" (all terms used to describe the look achieved when wearing the Take a Look), the Specchio could be your answer.  (Despite its small size, the Specchio mirror offers a surprising good field of view.)

    Pictured below,  the Take a Look and the Specchio, both in the "Regular / Standard" size.

    Take a Look bike mirror and Specchio bike mirror compared            Take a Look bike mirror and Specchio bike mirror front view


    Take a Look cycling mirror and Specchio cycling mirror side view               Take a Look bike mirror and Specchio bike mirror top view

    So, the choice is yours.  The Take a Look has been around awhile; the Specchio is the "new kid" on the bicycle mirror block.  But that is kind of the point:  We studied the existing technology and became convinced there had to be a better way.  The result is the patented Specchio mirror, a better engineered bike mirror for more demanding cyclists.  Read more about the Specchio story.